Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tonight, I don't want to talk about food, recipe or anything else coz it's our 52nd independence day today.
Watching a movie title "Hati Malaya", for the first time and I would say it such a great movie that every Malaysian should have watch it. People in the past have such a good nationalism compared to us nowdays. Do you think we'll willing to give-up our car, jewel and etc for the sake of our country? Maybe some say Yes but definitely the majority would say No. Why am I saying this? Look at the movie itself, it's not even listed as a box office. It's all because the theme of that movie.Most of us feel patriotism theme is boring but if we were have gone thru the experience of getting the independence maybe the movie will BOOM...!!!!
I hope we'll be able to see how lucky we are for living in this beautiful country and understand the meaning of independence.Those who don't have the opportunity to watch the movie tonight, go and get the DVD. Really worth to watch it.

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