Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moist Chocolate Cake

*200 g flour
*2 tea spoon baking powder
*(mixed together)
200 g castor sugar
4 eggs (grade A)
250 g butter
2 tea spoon Vanilla essence
100 g Choco Powder
50 g castor sugar
1 cup of hot water.
150 g condense milk
Preheat oven to 180 degree for about 10 minute.
Over a small heat, simmer choco powder, 50 g castor sugar and hot water until slightly thickened. Let it cool and add condense milk, put aside.
Beat butter and 200 g castor sugar till light and fluffy. Then put 1 by 1 eggs into the mixture followed by Vanilla essence. Gradually, add flour and choco mixture alternately.
Bake it for about 45 minute or till toothpick inserted comes out clean.
The recipe is requested by one of our colleague. Hope she'll be able to make it.


  1. aimssssssss mis favoritos,son deliciosos y con loque me gusta elchocolate,he cogido varias recetas y espero ponerlas en practica,gracias por compartir..besos Victoria

  2. Victoria wrote : "aimssssssss my favorites, are delicious and with loque like elchocolate, have taken I several prescriptions and hope to put them in practices, .besos thanks to share."

    Thanks Victoria for your comment. Hope you'll be able to try the recipe and do share with me the result once you make it (if you don't mind). Nice to know you.