Friday, September 4, 2009

Milky Sweet Drizzle For Mommy

Inspired by a mother LOVE,this is a dishes that always gonna be evergreen even the way of make it has been modenized. Why don't treat your beloved Mommy during the feast with this simple yet elegant Milky Sweet Drizzle? Do SMS us for order ya.


  1. Queeeeeeee buena pinta que tiene amigas,a vuestra salud,gracias por estar en mi blog y deciros que habeis entrado en mi sorteo,en elblog el escondite de las golondrinas teneis lo que se sortea,un angel y un costurero,surte amigas,Con cariƱo Victoria

  2. Victoria wrote: "Good Queeeeeeee dot that has friends, to your health, thanks to be in my blog and deciros that habeis entered my drawing, elblog the hiding place of the wanderers teneis what it is drawn for, an angel and a costurero, provides friends, With Victoria affection"

    Dear Vicoria, even we couldn't translate the whole text but we really appreciate your comment. We do love creative people and you one of them. do visit our blog regularly for more update and exchange information. Thank again to you and nice to know you.