Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tortilla Wrap Delight

Cooking breakfast and lunch in this holy month of Ramadhan definitely will be so tempted. However, to those who has a kids; they still have to cook because kids need 6 meals a day. Here, We are sharing a simple yet healthy recipe for you to try.
2 pcs Tortilla Wrap
8 slices of meat
Basil leaves
Few slices of Capsicum (Yellow)
Thousand Island
1 tbs Olive Virgin Oil
Marinate meat with salt, pepper and Basil for and hour in fridge.
Use Nonstick Pan to heat the Olive virgin oil and grill the meat for 5 minutes. Then put aside.
Put the tortilla wrap in the pan, just to make it warm (so that it's easy for you to wrap all the ingredients later on)
After that, you could fill the tortilla with lettuce, capsicum, meat and dressing it with thousand island.
Wrap it and ready to eat.
So simple and easy to prepare. To those working mom, maybe this recipe could help you prepare a healthy food for your beloved family in just a minute without sucking up all your energy.

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